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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

NEWS| Raffaele Ascione S/S13 in the press

Vauxhall Fashion Scout designer Raffaele Ascione was featured in an 1883 editorial just days before showcasing his SS13 collection at VFS's Freemasons Hall during LFW. 

1883 magazine teamed up with Martin Zahringer in order to promote Raffaele's collection with an editorial spread which was styled by Holly Ounstead. 

Vauxhall Fashion Scout hosted Raffaele's first ever catwalk showcase on Saturday 15th September 2012 (he also presented his AW12 in a striking presentation last season at VFS) where the Central St Martins student showcased his line of aesthetically feminine-streetwear chic clothing through his highly anticipated SS13 line

Fashion 156 described his "jocular mix of references and textures provide just the right amount of eccentricity to keep London at the forefront of statement fashion", NOT JUST A LABEL made reference to his "contemporary mix appealing to all women" whilst his collection was also featured on British Vogue and Glamour.

By Editor Cass Gowing, follow her on Twitter @CassGowing
Images from 1883 magazine and

Friday, 14 September 2012

DAY ONE| Vauxhall Fashion Scout's LFW begins

Vauxhall Fashion Scout S/S13 at Freemason’s Hall has officially begun, and we are hitting the ground running with a full line-up of shows and presentations taking place throughout the day; from our much anticipated ‘Graduate Showcase’, to the prestigious Merit Award  show. To help you plan your first day of Fashion Week with Vauxhall Fashion Scout, here is our schedule for the day: 

10:00-13:00 Graduate Showcase
11:30 Dans La Vie
13:30 Carlotta Actis Barone
15:00 Krystof Strozyna
15:45 Merit Award: Heohwan Simulation
16:30 Fam Irvol
17:30 Timur Kim
18:30 Zeynep Tosun    

We will be bringing you reviews of every show and presentation, as well as all of the news from backstage - so make sure you keep following Vauxhall Fashion Scout via TwitterFacebook, and here, on the Vauxhall Fashion Scout blog

Images: Asia Werbel

Thursday, 13 September 2012

EXCLUSIVE| Model Casting at Vauxhall Fashion Scout for SS13 Catwalk Shows

With only one day to go until the launch of London Fashion Week, the all-important model casting for Vauxhall Fashion Scout SS13 took place today at our location, Freemason’s Hall; accompanied by our sponsors SNOG Frozen Yoghurt, who supplied everyone with delicious refreshments throughout the day.

From the moment the doors were opened our designers were spoilt for choice; as a sea of beautiful girls filtered into the building to demonstrate their proficiency in the all-important “catwalk walk”. 

Vauxhall Fashion Scout spoke to the wonderful Rebekah Roy, stylist and mentor to the Ones-To-Watch designers, about their vision for the models they were hoping to cast;

“Because we have got four designers, we have to have a shared vision.  We have been looking for girls who have longer hair, are clean-faced and a nice height; in a sense, quite typical.   All the designers have really wonderful visions, but they are also open to growing and developing: we have some clear guidelines of what we’re looking for, but then sometimes you might see someone unusual who may change the casting for you.”

In order to find out who was chosen for the final shows, keep following the Vauxhall Fashion Scout blog.

Text and photographys by Abigail Gurney-Read

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

NEWS| Raffaelle Ascione interviewed on and featured in Papercut Magazine

Vauxhall Fashion Scout designer Raffaele Ascione has been busy in the run up to his first ever catwalk showcase, taking place on our runway at Freemason's on Saturday 15th.

Since premiering his MA collection at Central Saint Martins' 2011 graduate show, the VFS designer has shown no signs of slowing. With an Autumn/ Winter presentation with us, international press features, and worn by the pop culture icon, Lady Gaga, Ascione is cementing a platform for a steady rise to success.

Now into his third season running eponymous label Raffaele Ascione, we're told snippets of a development in direction; an extension of the femininity infused into his sportswear-inspired design. To hear more about Ascione's forthcoming Spring/ Summer collection- including exclusive previews of next season's work, you can watch the full interview on here.

Images - screen shot of interview and Papercut magazine

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

EXCLUSIVE| Behind the Scenes, SS13 Preview Shoot in collaboration with Fashion 156 Creative

Last Friday saw the Vauxhall Fashion Scout and Fashion 156 Creative teams work collaboratively to present an exclusive preview of Spring/ Summer '13 VFS designers' work.

With F156 Creative Director Guy Hipwell at the helm, and photographer India Hobson, and film director Katie Davies behind their respective lenses, the shoot centered on select Spring/ Summer pieces from Kirsty Ward, David Longshaw, Timur Kim, Hellen van Rees, and various other forthcoming collections showing with us throughout London Fashion Week.

For the finished images, and list of designers featured be sure to check out the Fashion 156 website, and Tweet us your favourite shots, @FashionScout and @Fashion156.

For the Spring/ Summer '13 schedule to find the times, and location of the designers featured, click here for the updated schedule.

Credits: Photography by India Hobson @Fashion156 Creative; Styling, and Creative Direction by Guy Hipwell @Fashion156 Creative.
Make-up by Jo Sugar using Body Shop; hair styled by Tim Furssedonn at Toni & Guy, using Label M; MUA Assistant, Cat Langdon. Models: Anna S, and Lou Lou at Profile; Emily D A at Storm.

Shoot production by; shot at Rockwell Studios
Assistants: Becca Deakins, Lisa Fifer, Lauren Whitehead & Mei Corbett.


Steven Tai is the womenswear design graduate from Central Saint Martins who was previously featured in Vauxhall Fashion Scouts Graduate Showcase last season. Being selected as a finalist at the 2012 Hyères Festival by Yohji Yamamoto and winning the inaugural Chloé award a few months ago, are just some of this young designer’s achievements. Originally from Canada, he has gained experience around the world from working in Amsterdam with Viktor & Rolf to working in London with Stella McCartney.

Berlin Fashion Week saw the debut of his SS13 collection, winning him praise and recognition for his unusual inspirations and whimsical “intellectual chic” aesthetic. Featuring a spectacular pen nib dress which he collaborated on with creative technologist John Nussey, the collection presents a reinvention of “geek chic” that we’ve seen many times before. This time Steve has taken this concept, focusing on the aspects of technology and the beauty of awkwardness. His techniques include mimicking the stacking of books with fabric, carving them into beautifully peculiar shapes.

Featured in Vogue Italia, Elle, Dazed & Confused, Wonderland Magazine and more, Steven Tai has been recognised for his talent and potential. His plans for the future include participating in Camper’s sponsored shoe workshop, going to Milan for the White Young Talent showroom, as well as presenting his latest collection at 4FashionShake in Athens in November. He will be showcasing his work at Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Exhibition from September 14 – 18.

By Vanessa Omoregie, @wewearblack
Collection images - Steven Tai
Exhibition Image - Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Monday, 3 September 2012


Patrick Li started his career having completed a fashion design and business studies BA at the University of Brighton. Moving onto the MA Fashion Womenswear course at the Royal College of Art, he graduated just last year with experience working with Hussein Chalayan and Viktor & Rolf.

Chinese-born London based designer, Patrick Li was featured as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Graduate Showcase last season where his collection inspired by the photography of Edward Burtynsky gained recognition. Combining elements of organic shapes with mechanical structures, the Patrick Li brand aesthetic is focused on giving a feminine touch to architectural lines.

The RCA graduate will be one of many talented designers showcasing their work as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s exhibition during London Fashion Week from September 14 – 18.

By Vanessa Omoregie, @wewearblack
Images, VFS. 


It's modern design, elegant wearability and beautiful tailoring that come together to form the aesthetic of Liz Black. An already acclaimed graduate of Central Saint Martins, the designer launched her label in 2010 in an attempt to give her freedom to express her creativity. Designed for the “independent, empowered and fashion-forward” woman, Black's conceptual label is definitely impressive. Black has appeared in fashion publications among the likes of  POP magazine, Fashion 156 and Vogue - as well as press international following Lady Gaga wearing her Circle Bow Dress - whilst her garments are already stocked worldwide. Add to that being selected by Roland Mouret as a semi-finalist for the 2011 Fashion Fringe awards and being described by Vogue Italia's Senior Fashion Editor Sara Maino as a 'Vogue talent', and it's safe to say that Liz has well and truly caught of the eye of the fashion world. To see the aesthetically beautiful yet minimal statement pieces from Liz Black do not miss her showcase at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Exhibition Space at Freemasons Hall throughout London Fashion Week, 14th-18th September 2012.

By Josh Walker, Follow him on Twitter @josh_walker_
Edited by Cass Gowing, Editor. Images from Liz Black's website.

Friday, 31 August 2012

EXCLUSIVE| Phoebe English Pre-LFW Interview

To celebrate there being just two weeks until London Fashion Week and Vauxhall Fashion Scout's SS13 showcase, we've got an exclusive interview with last season's Merit Award winner Phoebe English. Phoebe talks to the VFS blog team exclusively to discuss her recent fashion films and future SS13 showcase. 

You've recently worked with SHOWstudio through your two day live stream; how did the opportunity to work with the site, and Nick Knight come about?
SHOWstudio kindly contacted us in regards to making a costume for the dancer Leah Debrincat, i think they were drawn to my work as it has negated themes of frenetics and movement in the past.

What is it about representing your aesthetic through film that attracts you to the format- do you see it as another [separate] creative outlet, or a medium supporting your clothes?
I see the films as a completely separate component from the collection. The thought process and development of these pieces differs greatly from working on the clothes. It is often not until the period of time after a collection is finished do i have the time and energy to fully understand what informed that body of work, I use this latent realisation to inform the thematics which I explore in the films. The medium of film is still very new to me and I feel i have only just begun to comprehend it and realise its potential.

Do you see your representation of AW12 through film as one that corresponds with the 'Phoebe English Girl' (customer) that you would expect to see in your clothes? 
The styling we use in the film is specifically planned as a method to explain the possibilities of how to actually wear our pieces. Despite the heavy overtones of fantasy within the film the actual breakdown of the clothes into new ideas of styling them is exactly how Rose and I would like the ideal 'Phoebe English' girl to take control of her wardrobe and be imaginative enough to reinterpret our product into her own ideas of dressing. 

You will be showcasing your SS13 collection once again with Vauxhall Fashion Scout in September- what can we expect from this collection? Will you be maintaining the colourful streak that shocked last season, or something different altogether? 
When i start thinking about a new body of work, i always think about in terms of where i have been before and where i would like to now go, my thought process is in equal parts and similtaneously; an evolution and revolution. You will have to watch and see!

How do you feel Vauxhall Fashion Scout and our Merit Award has impacted your career?
It has a pleasure to have been so supported and nurtured by such a wonderful and passionate team of people.

See Phoebe English's SS13 collection at Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Freemason's Hall on Sunday 16th September at 4.00pm. 

Images taken from Phoebe English's AW12 film
Text by Cass Gowing


Hailing from St Petersburg, Russia designer Timur Kim presented his first collection at the age of 16 in St Petersburg Fashion Week. Making a name for himself the young designer moved to London in 2006 where he was offered a place on the MA Fashion course at Central Saint Martins winning the Chloe award in 2011 as well as the Pringle of Scotland award twice.

His inspirations range from the modest denim skirt to more extravagant references such as Dr Zhivago and early 20th century Russia. Timur Kim’s CSM A/W 12 graduate collection focuses on bringing sophistication, wear-ability, and modernity together. Clean lines and mixed fabrics create complexity within the simplicity of his designs. Playing with the contrast between fabrics, he uses denim and velvet to bring a luxury to everyday wear.

The young designer has received praise from publications such as Vogue as well as from SHOWstudio’s Alex Fury for his delicate balance between fabrics, and interesting take on femininity. Timur will be showing his new collection on the catwalk on Friday 15th September as well as showcasing his line in our exhibition space throughout LFW.

By Vanessa Omoregie, @wewearblack

Thursday, 30 August 2012


From London College of Fashion’s MA Fashion Artefact course, Taeseok Kang is the young designer from Korea that pushes the boundaries of design with unique handcrafted bags.

The collection titled Sexual Humorous translates the human body and explores themes of androgyny as well as the “palpable sensations that manifest from the sexual instinct of a human”. Using vegan leather, hair used as tassels, and even gold plated casts of actual nipples this is a collection that goes beyond the norm. The bags range in size and shape, illustrating perfectly the theme of the human body. Almost surrealist, Taeseok Kang introduces us to a new perspective on design that celebrates the provocative and the taboo.

Since being developed in 2007, London College of Fashion’s MA Fashion Artefacts course has been famed for producing designers who are individuals in their own right, such as Taeseok who play with techniques and ideas that introduce us to new ideas and concepts. Taseseok has already been handpicked for new heights - he was a semi-finalist in International Talent Support (ITS) 2012, alongside ITS 2012 Accesories winner and VFS designer Victoria Spruce. 

We look forward to seeing more of Taeseok Kang, as one of many talented designers exhibiting at Vauxhall Fashion Scout from 14th September to 18th September.

By Vanessa Omoregie
Twitter: @wewearblack
Images from Vogue Italia and BFW

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT| Paris Showroom SS13

Following our Spring/ Summer ‘12 catwalk, and presentation showcases, many of our designers will be joining us overseas to exhibit their collections to international buyers, and press in the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Paris Showroom.

The showroom, located in historic art district, Le Marais, will take place aside Paris Fashion Week proceedings, between September 27th, and October 2nd.

Designers confirmed to take part so far include, Spring/ Summer Merit Award winner Heohwan Simulation, and members of the ‘One to Watch’ line-up, Charlotte Simpson, and Hellen van Rees.
The rest of the designers exhibiting with us in the French capital are as follows:

The showroom will be located at 23 Rue de Roi de Sicile, 75004, and is open to buyers, and members of the press.
More details to be announced upon confirmation.

Follow for updates @FashionScout

Friday, 24 August 2012


Emma J Shipley is a luxury scarf label launched with the intention of blurring the lines between fashion and fine art. With a debut collection inspired by the Amazon jungle, mathematical equations and nature's patterns, Shipley's pieces are imaginative and beautiful. A Royal College of Art MA textiles graduate, the designer launched her label at London Fashion Week in February of this year and creates scarves from her own hand-drawn sketches. Although a relative newcomer to the fashion world, she's already stocked across London and has plans to expand internationally this season. To see for yourself how Emma J Shipley successfully merges fashion and fine art in the creation of detailed, wearable garments, then get yourself to our Freemasons hall, where the VFS exhibition will be held throughout the duration of London Fashion Week.

By Josh Walker

Follow him on Twitter @josh_walker_

Thursday, 23 August 2012

NEWS| Browns Blog Takeover Day Four: Leutton Postle

We're over half way through our VFS Browns Blog Takeover and today we brought you an exclusive catch up with former Merit Award Winners Leutton Postle. Luxury knitwear designing duo Sam Leutton and Jenny Postle chatted with us about the honour of being stocked by Browns, the support they've received from Vauxhall Fashion Scout and the upcoming SS13 season...

"You're showing with Vauxhall Fashion Scout again this September, what can we expect to see from you this coming season? What's been the biggest source of inspiration with regards to Spring/Summer?
This season we are doing a salon show presentation, which is new for us. It will be very different to the wham bam boom of the last two seasons but we want to excite in another way. As for inspiration we're keeping everything under wraps until September, but we hope to raise heads with the direction we are taking. What we will say is we're working with introducing the idea of 'luxury' to Leutton Postle, which is both challenging and exciting!"

As always, read the full post on Browns Blog here!

ANNOUNCEMENT| Fashion Monitor launches 'Style Lounge' during LFW S/S'13

We're pleased to announce that official VFS media partner, and leading provider of fashion news, Fashion Monitor have launched an exciting new destination to head to during London's upcoming Fashion Week.
The Spring/ Summer '13 'Style Lounge' launches September 14th, in partnership with London Fashion Week's official hotel sponsor, The Mayfair, and online PR, and digital platform, Fashion GPS
The 'Style Lounge' serves as pre, post, and between-show retreat, held in The Mayfair's  'five star' luxury setting, for members of the British, and international fashion press.
Those heading to the retreat will have access to hair, and beauty treatments, whilst simultaneously keeping update with the latest London Fashion Week news.
For more information about the 'Style Lounge' sponsorship, and showcase opportunities, contact Fashion Monitor-Editor, Hannah White at
Further details to be announced in due course.

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